Processing orders

We do process orders the same day but we may not send them until the following day. We do have a cut off time for sending parcels which is the night before. As we get a large amount of orders it takes time to pack it up. As the stealth is a lot of work and takes time to do its not as easy as chucking in a bag and sending off. So we advise you to order the night before.


We do our best to write back to all messages as quick as possible. We do respond to all messages even if they are silly messages dont be afraid to ask. time 9am 7pm east time you anything else I can help you. write messages to us in the day rather than the middle of the night.


We ask that you leave positive feedback on your order. We do our best to provide high quality products with fast, safe shipping and most importantly that your product arrives the way it should do. If you decide to leave bad feedback first without contacting us it makes it harder to deal with your situation. As it takes 24 hours for new feedback to be updated your problem may not be resolved for a few days rather than instantly. Therefore we advise contacting us first before leaving any unhappy feedback.


If there is a problem we are more than happy to resolve it. But to be resolved we need evidence of the problem. We prefer to resolve problems without the use of disputing. If there is a problem with the product and you are unhappy we advise you to send the product off for lab testing. If the product arrives slightly damaged we need pictures of this.


We don’t really like to deal with disputes but if it comes to it please make sure you are honest with the problem. Ideally if there is a problem we want to talk to you first we can fix the problem quicker if there is one.

We are here to do honorable and of gentleman business

Delivery Policy

Our responsibility

Our responsibility is until the package says delivered to your address.

Shipping Info

Please provide proper Address for Shipping in below format:

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Shipping Time & Cost

1-3 Express       $50 USD

1-2 VIP Fedex  $80 USD